Beautiful Bala Night And It's Star Trails

Last week was family vacation week as we joined the in-law side of the family at "Uncle Ken's Cottage" for the week. Insert in-law jokes here (most are applicable). It was a great time and I captured a number of great images, but most of my images are just for me and my family. I did, however, find the opportunity to sit on the dock and enjoy a cigar while capturing my first ever star trail image. jay McIntyre Photography Bala Star Trails

Studio In The Street

On Friday night, my friend and I set out, as we often do, to do some downtown shooting.  As I set out to meet him, I was reminded of a video I watched a while back of Clay Enos shooting portraits in the street.  This gave birth to the idea to set up a studio in the street. We set up an umbrella with my flash and wireless trigger and a reflector against a wall on the corner of Queen and Peter streets at around 11pm and started stopping people for portraits.

Update - I took a more incognito approach here

 First things First was a couple of test shots on Paul, which grabbed enough attention to start stopping people for their free portraits.

This concept generated a lot of discussion about model release forms and whether or not I need one for this kind of shooting.  There is absolutely no plan to profit from any of these images, they will never be used commercially, so I see no need for a model release form.  The purpose of this shoot was to get some on location lighting practice while also giving people a free portrait that they can use for their social media profile pics and such.  And for me to do something that terrifies me, making myself completely vulnerable to strangers.  That said, if you see yourself in this post and would like the image removed, please let me know and I will take it down. (and email you a copy)

BTW, not everyone who's image I took is on the blog.  If you had an image taken by me, please email me for your copy!

Two Prints And Their Proceeds Devoted To Africa Arise

Now I Lay Me Jay McIntyre Photography Africa AriseLoveable Jay McIntyre Photography Africa Arise I'm in the middle of putting together a full proposal for a foundation that I hope will do some tremendous work in the future.  As things get developed I am initiating the beginning phase of the foundation by devoting all of the proceeds from the sales of two of my prints to benefit the ministry of Africa Arise.

Last weekend I was a part of a fundraising Arts night for Africa Arise.  I donated two framed prints to be sold at the fundraiser.  The events of that night and the story of the Acholi people of Uganda had a profound effect on me.  The takeaway for me from the event was that the easiest way to get in the way of injustice is to tell the story.  If people knew the stories of injustice, they would be compelled to stand up for justice.  I don't want to say too much about my foundation as there is still plenty to sort out, but Shutters For Change will further dedicate these two images to raising funds and awareness for social justice.  Stay tuned.

If you are interested in purchasing prints of either of these photographs, please contact me by email at info(at) or visit my website

The Rise And Fall Of The Supermoon

So by now many of you have heard about and even seen a number of images of this past Saturday's "Supermoon" I decided that I was going to take a trek out to capture this rarity that would not exist again for another 20 years or so, however, it appears as though the best time to capture the grandeur of said supermoon is at moonrise.  Moonrise in my house is more commonly referred to as bedtime.

So after the kids were in bed, I packed up my gear and met up with a friend and we went down to the water to see what we could capture.  This is when we realized that photographing the moon with no foreground to contrast is, could get a little boring.  No fear though, the night was still perfect for shooting and the moon provided the opportunity to shoot some rather surreal long exposures.

I did get the one image of the moon, but I quickly found myself otherwise preoccupied.