Studio In The Street

On Friday night, my friend and I set out, as we often do, to do some downtown shooting.  As I set out to meet him, I was reminded of a video I watched a while back of Clay Enos shooting portraits in the street.  This gave birth to the idea to set up a studio in the street. We set up an umbrella with my flash and wireless trigger and a reflector against a wall on the corner of Queen and Peter streets at around 11pm and started stopping people for portraits.

Update - I took a more incognito approach here

 First things First was a couple of test shots on Paul, which grabbed enough attention to start stopping people for their free portraits.

This concept generated a lot of discussion about model release forms and whether or not I need one for this kind of shooting.  There is absolutely no plan to profit from any of these images, they will never be used commercially, so I see no need for a model release form.  The purpose of this shoot was to get some on location lighting practice while also giving people a free portrait that they can use for their social media profile pics and such.  And for me to do something that terrifies me, making myself completely vulnerable to strangers.  That said, if you see yourself in this post and would like the image removed, please let me know and I will take it down. (and email you a copy)

BTW, not everyone who's image I took is on the blog.  If you had an image taken by me, please email me for your copy!