The Better Way

My friend Derek and I are working on a submission for the Steam Whistle Gallery and we were in need of a shot from downtown, so after work yesterday, I hopped on the better way and took a ride.  I spent an hour or so standing in front of the tripod in the freezing cold and then I hopped back on the TTC because I needed to get back to work. While I was at the subway station, i thought it would be great to get some subway shots, so I set back up and waited for the shot I wanted.

"Sir, do you have a permit?" It was the driver of the train.

"um no"

"Put it away please."

As he took off I got this shot:

TTC The Better Way

I wonder if I would need a permit if I didn't have a tripod?  Or if I was taking a picture with my cell phone.  I doubt I would have, but apparently, once you set up your tripod you look like a 'professional'